MAC Sponsors First Early Intervention Due Process Case

MAC has sponsored the first early intervention case to be taken to due process.  It thanks the parents for their trust in the organization to complete their case, to Timothy Johnson, a second year law student, and to Sanja Angeli, MAC Executive Board member.
Both helped to prepare the case and assisted in its presentation.  This is an important case that is the first to examine issues relating to the cost share allocated to parents of children in early intervention, as well as their instruction in how to apply procedural safeguards.  It is also the first to be litigated since the federal regulations for early intervention were published on September 28, 2011.  The post hearing brief provided below is instructive concerning the history of early intervention at a federal level and in New Jersey. It provides a case study regarding the comparison between state and federal laws in the area of parent co-pay requirements for services, prior written notice, and the federal safeguards that apply.

T.D. v. NJEIS Post Hearing Brief