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MAC Bee Theme FOR 2016-2017

The Melody Arons Center has chosen the topic of bees as the theme for 2016-2017. Two groups will be formed. Group 1 is for children ages 3-5 and will meet every other week each month beginning in November. Group size is limited to 5 children per group. Group 2 is for children ages 6-9 and will also meet every other week starting in November. Preregistration is required, to be received by October 15, 2016. Contact MAC through this website or call 201-692-7908. Cost per session for 90 minutes is $25 per child. One parent is required to stay with the younger group until they have fully transitioned into the group experience. The groups will be led by Dr. Ray Arons, MAC’s bee keeper, and Marilyn Arons, the keeper of the bee keeper. MAC reserves the right to review records and meet with the child before registration confirmation to the group is given.

The honey bee curriculum for the year will combine music, dance, group play, crafts, and story time and be adapted to meet individual needs. The culminating experience will take place in April. Group 2 will be given the opportunity to put on a bee suit and go in to an actual bee hive to look at the bees in their hives as they wake up to gather pollen from Spring dandelions. Written parent consent is required, as well as a doctor’s note that this is a safe activity in the unlikely event of a bee sting. Each holiday throughout the year will have a bee context and project:

  • Thanksgiving- Bee Thankful
  • Christmas/Hanukah- Bee Good
  • Valentine’s Day- Bee Sweet
  • Easter/Passover- Bee Happy
  • Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day- Bee Grateful

One of the songs includes (sing to tune of I’m a Little Teapot):

I’m a little honey bee
Yellow and black.
See me gather
Pollen on my back.
What the queen bee tells me
I must do
So I can make sweet honey for you.

We hope that you are able to participate in this new MAC curriculum. We are happy that Dr. Ray is teaching these groups and know that all of you will enjoy the experience.

Scholarship Concert

A MAC Scholarship Concert event will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 7 P.M. at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. It is titled “Secrets of Life: American Masters”. The music of James Taylor, Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder and Carole King will be performed by MAC founder, Marilyn Arons. The proceeds will go toward enrollment of a disabled three year old into the MAC program for a 10 month period, as well as parent training. The child will have a center-based intervention session for 60 minutes one time per week, with a home program developed for carry-over. Venues are sought for the purposes of repeating this fund raising program through September. Recommendations for this scholarship can come from any source, but documentation and pupil records must be provided for review. The program starts on September 19, 2016. For additional information, contact MAC at 201-692-7908 or through this website.

MAC September Meeting

A MAC meeting will be held in Fort Lee on 9/22/16 to present the research paper described here. All those involved with autism, both parents and professionals, are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion. Parents of the child who is the focus of the paper will be available for questions and answers. Check the Events Calendar for details.