Making MAC Music

About MAC’s Piano and How to Play It

MAC Piano

Starting the Piano

We are in the process of updating the MAC piano.  Check back later for an updated version.

Background on the MAC Piano

Note:  This piano is built with Adobe Flash and will not play on mobile devices.

(Suggestion: Print out this page before using the Interactive Keyboard.)

Welcome to our MAC piano. We offer you this keyboard for a user-friendly source of music making with the infants and toddlers in your life. We recognize that many do not understand how to read music or make sense of the piano keyboard. The directions below will help. Vocabulary can be confusing. When you see or hear “up” that means go to the right side of the keyboard where the sounds will become higher. “Down” means to go left, where the sounds will be lower or “down”.

The Keyboard
Look at the MAC piano. What do you see? There is a pattern of the black notes- a group of 2 black notes; a group of 3 black notes. The pattern repeats itself in both directions. Try it with the cursor and listen to the sound. Do this going up (right) and down (left). Now, what do you do with all of those white notes? The white notes are a 7- letter sequence (a pattern that repeats itself) going up (Right), A, B, C, D, E, F, G. When you come down (left) the sequence reverses itself- G, F, E, D, C, B, A.

How Do You Know Where the Letter of the Key Is?
The black notes serve for now as your road signs to find the white notes. Follow their pattern and you will always have the correct key.

Groups of 2 black notes
At the left of 2 black notes is letter C. Play all of the Cs with the cursor. In the middle of 2 black notes is D. Play all of the Ds. At the right of the group of 2 black notes is E. Play all of the Es. Now play and say out loud, “C, D, E.” Reverse the pattern and say “E, D, C”. Good! You only have 4 more letters to go, and you have learned all of the white notes on the keyboard. Click the box on the piano page if you want all of the Cs to show on the keys while you learn the rest of the keyboard. You also have the option of clicking all of the letter names on the keys.

Groups of 3 black notes
At the left of the group of 3 black notes is F. Play all Fs. Under the middle black note is G. Play all Gs. At the left of the 3rd black note is A. Play all As. At the right of the 3rd black note is B. Play all Bs. Play and say, “F, G, A, B.” Reverse it. Play and say “B, A, G, F”. Great! Remember to learn the names of the white notes based on where the black notes are.

Reminder: As soon as you think you know where the letter of the key is, click off its name. The sooner you know where the keys are, the easier it will be to play songs and to make MAC music.