Tour Our Garden

The sign says Secret Garden,
A place that’s only ours.
We plant and play and smell and dig
And rest among the flowers.
A shiny rainbow smiles at us
With butterflies and a frog.
We touch the flowers pink and blue
And sit upon a log.
Creatures live within the tree,
Fairies, elves, and bugs.
They hang about and look so nice,
And often give us hugs.
We have a pathway up and down
To balance and to dig.
We like this place with much to do.
It makes us feel so big!
A place to look and think,
And feel the breeze so cool.
Stories and some talking time,
Good manners are the rule.
We grow flowers and things to eat,
Each has our little space.
The seeds we plant just grow and grow,
And sometimes reach our face.
We have some hives with bees inside,
And must not be too funny.
Take care of them, learn what to do
So we can taste their honey.
Herbs taste good, we grow all kinds
And put them in our snack.
We rub the leaves and love their smells
And dry them for our MAC.
We compost and recycle
The very best we can.
We take care of our Secret Garden
Until winter comes again.
Watch our Secret Garden and McBee Tour.