Organization Structure

MAC Board of Trustees
M.A.C. is governed by a Board of Trustees representing multidisciplinary specialties and parents. In addition to appointing the officers of MAC, they create a National Board of Advisors that provides input on current areas of scientific and educational inquiry pertaining to children 0-5. The Trustees also identify those who will function as the Institutional Review Board, approving all research protocols to be performed by M.A.C.

Board of Trustees for 2015-2016


Sanja Angeli
Jonathan Arons, B.S.
Ravindar Bhalla, M.D.
Barbara Johnson, R.N.
Zeffrey Rodrigues, M.S.

Executive Board

Marilyn Arons, M.S., CEO (Curriculum Vitae)
Raymond Arons, Dr. P.H., CFO (Curriculum Vitae)
Luz Callejas (2E Chair)
Trish Proto, Webmaster
Purissa Seville, P.T
June Traiger, V.M.D.
Matthew Traiger, B.S.
Annabel Wassner, M.A.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

V. AnnDenise Brown, Ph. D.
James Gangwisch, Ph. D.
Ruth Levy, M.S.
Annabelle Wassner, M.A.