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The Melody Arons Center for Applied Preschool Research and Education, Inc. (MAC) is a nonprofit organization that applies neuroscience and cutting edge techniques with young children with disabilities, 0-5, in early intervention and preschool. It is a transdisciplinary, play-based model using music, movement and art. Its Director is Marilyn Arons, a nationally known special educator with 55 years of teaching experience. Raymond Arons, Director of Research, is internationally known for his skills in data analysis, and his history as a member on the rocket science team that designed engines for the Lunar Module that landed on the moon.


MAC provides 1-1 and small group teaching, does original research with strong emphasis on sensory integration, self-regulation and language instruction, and provides parent training and parent support in several areas including twice exceptional children and the laws controlling special education. It provides second opinions, does independent record reviews, and will work with other service providers upon request.
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All services are provided at MAC, 210 Carlton Terrace, Teaneck, New Jersey 07666. Home, school, other site visits and parent training can be provided upon request, as well as consults on difficult cases across the nation.


MAC was founded as a living memorial for Melody Arons, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Arons, who died in 1997. At MAC, her memorial takes special education and service delivery out of the hands of politicians, and puts it into the hands of skilled educators. MAC applies science to the creation of programs that foster observable and measureable improvement in the life of each child.


All services are on a fee for service basis on a sliding scale. Insurance does not pay for most MAC services in that they are deemed to be experimental. Grants and tax deductible donations are received. No federal or state money is sought, thereby freeing the organization from the constraints of government regulation, relying only upon the informed consent of the parent and the expertise of the provider.

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