The Adventures of Wonderkid and the Big IDEA – A Parent’s Introduction to Special Education

MAC’s new book written by Marilyn Arons and illustrated by Sanja Angeli

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The Adventures of Wonderkid and the Big Idea/ A Parent’s Introduction to Special Education is a fun read, told from the viewpoint of the child who may go into special education. It explains the basic process leading to referral, testing eligibility, and placement with suggestions from the child as to what Mommy and Daddy should do as they learn the vocabulary of special education and how the system works. Drawings are provided on  each page to illustrate concepts. It makes special education understandable, takes away the fear factor, and answers basic questions.with humor and good will. The artist is Sanja Angeli, and the author is Marilyn Arons. Wonderkid is 28 pages in length, with a Table of Contents, as well as a page for taking notes. It explains basic IDEA vocabulary, what Mommy and Daddy need to know, the special education ladder from referral; through eligibility, testing, visible and invisible disabilities, eligibility. Section 504, the IEP, least restrictive environment, annual review, and procedural safeguards.