A Russell-Silver Syndrome Case Study

This case study examines the growth and development of a toddler with Russell Silver Syndrome over a period of eleven months, or from June of 2017 through May of 2018. Both anecdotal and empirical data were collected on her gross and fine motor development, cognition, expressive language, temperament, and social skills. A detailed measurement of her daily blood glucose levels was taken and compared with the quality and duration of her responses during the developmental intervention sessions at the Melody Arons Center. A correlation was found between the levels of blood sugar and the manner in which she completed her weekly lesson plans. She had a consistently strong response to music and rhythm. This was used to assist in self‐regulation, gross motor skills, and balance. A more detailed analysis of the role of melody, lyrics, and rhythm will be provided in a subsequent paper. The neuroscience of Helen’s development examined the role of glucose in prefrontal cortex functioning, the importance of the glycemic index, diet, and growth hormone treatment. A comprehensive educational history is provided, as well as summaries of oral motor, and physical and occupational therapy.

Case Study