Out and About Parent Visits

MAC Out and About Program

MAC’s Out and About parent networking meetings, 8-10 P.M., will be in Fort Lee on January 29, in Teaneck on February 23, and in Oradell on March 18. Remaining meeting dates and places will be posted soon. The purpose of these meetings is to develop local and county networks of special education parents in order to meet their needs, including socialization experiences for their children.

These visits are to invite other special needs parents to attend and encourage them to ask questions and seek information about any special ed topic they want. In that parents no longer seem to go out to public meetings for parent training, this is an effort to “seed” information groups locally, outside of the now traditional modes of misinformation by school PTAs and the State.

For more information or interest in hosting such a meeting in your area, please contact us through this website. We will then provide you with the address and contact information for the host family. Thank you and have a happy and healthy New Year.